Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween as Parents

This was the first Halloween that Andy and I celebrated as parents. It was really fun to dress up an 11 month old and take her out to see other happy people dressed in ways she had never see before. I always enjoy watching her absorb and react to new experiences.

At the mall we saw every kind of super hero, witch, animal and gorry creature you can imagine. It was jam packed with parents and young kids. Almost every store was giving candy out. We helped Zoe collected quiet a variety of treats, she would accept the treats we would put them into her bag. Although I am quiet sure she isn't yet aware of the deliciousness contained in those small gifts, she did seem to like the colourful, shiny, crinkly wrappers. She quickly figured out the pattern of us taking them from her and would try to hide them from us. We are still smarted than her however!!! Next we had dinner at the food court and headed out to do a small bit of traditional Trick or Treating.

We dropped by our friends Debby and Jim where Zoe got treated to fresh apples and cheese, and Aunty Jean and Uncle Bill where Zoe was lucky enough to be served Mum-Mums. I think she loved the treats she could eat as much as she loves being the centre of attention.

As often seems to happen when we take her to places a little out of the ordinary she expanded her abilities by cruising along the coffee table many more steps than we have seen her do yet!

We finished off the night with a brief stop next door before spending some time handing out candy at our place. All in all a wonderful first Larson Family Halloween.

Hope you enjoy the video of Zoe laughing, crawling, climbing, and roaring - baby version.



  1. Halloween is great! We love Zoe's costume and that roar is too cute!!!

    Happy (first family) Halloween!!!! :) Many more fun trick or treating years to come!!!

  2. she is adorable, of course.. wonder how much roaring you will now enjoy listening to.. :)as its a new sound for the little ones are sooo cute doing this stuff. Christmas will be alot more fun also as she will have a bit of an idea compared to last year.. :)