Friday, January 7, 2011

Zoe is Ready for the Hoedown!

So tonight at storytime we pulled out a book about barnyard animals dancing in a good ol' square dance. Andy got into a bit of clapping and foot taping and Zoe joined suit. Sooo cute, we didn't even know she had become this coordinated yet!!!
Here is a quick clip for you enjoyment too.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zoe's New Drawing Technique

We have enjoyed watching Zoe beginning to express her artistic side over the past few months. And are especially proud now that she is past the crayon eating stage!

Her art career seemed to have been thrust upon us sooner than we expected. She began with crayons and placements at a few of our local eateries. This was soon followed by a painting experience at Strong Start one day when she saw a bigger kid painting and, despite Mommy's best efforts to chase her across the room and stop her, she added her own colourful contributions to a nice little girls artwork! The lure of putting colour and shapes to paper was simply too much to resist. After that there was no stopping her.

Soon after that Daddy came across one of the most wonderful tool a creative soul could ever desire. A car-trip sized etch a sketch. With each quick wipe of the slate, it is ready for another picture, hours of entertainment. This has become a necessity for Larson Family car trip. All of us love that toy!!!!!

Chalk is a current favourite medium. Both the sidewalk and traditional board versions. The wiping off seems to bring as much joy as the drawing itself. And, isn't joy the purpose of art. What a wonderful hobby to have where the cleaning-up is just as much fun as the creating.

As you can see from the attached video, Zoe has recently expended her curiosities into exploration of drawing from non-traditional angles. Notice also, that she has started drawing more deliberate circular or straight shapes.

Right now I am off to reorganize our storage area as I wonder how big our 'were keeping this forever' art collection will become?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zoe Sharing

Over the past few weeks Zoe has taken to feeding her doll, stuffed animals, and other toys water from her sippy cup. I finally got her on video last week. You'll also notice she is saying 'yum' a lot. This seems to be a word she is keeping.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoe's First Birthday

Zoe's first birthday fell on a weekday. So it began as a typical Thursday for us. Andy went to school while Zoe and I headed out to a Mommy and Baby music class. I am always kinda proud of myself when I get us out the door dress (in a cute pink dress), feed, clean and on time to something. Then sometimes, you get to your Mommy and Baby activity and, like this day, it is cancelled due to teacher illness. Such is life. It was a sunny day so I took her to the swings in the park for a short while before lunch. She loves the swings and every kid should smile tons on their birthday - right!

Grandma drove up from Sooke to spend the afternoon with Zoe. We had lunch at the house together and Zoe got to open her first presents up. A drum and music apparatuses set - thanks Grandma...... Zoe got into it right away. Zoe really seemed to like to card too, a one page book, what a great idea!

Later that afternoon Daddy came home early from school to join us visiting. Zoe was given another gift, this time from Mommy and Daddy, her own fuzzy pink chair. We didn't know exactly what she would think of it. Wow does she ever love it. From the first time she sat in it, she smilles super big and swings her legs in happiness. She hasn't yet figured out how to get herself sitting in it, but often attempts, then points to the seat and looks at one of us to lift her in. She looks so grown up in it.

Saturday we had a party for her. About 15 people, including some young kids. Zoe loves playing with other kids. She also loves being the centre of attention, so she had a good time. Although I think she was a bit shocked to have so many visitors at her house all at once, especially when they all piled into the kitchen to wathch her eat a piece of cake! Again she enjoyed the cards and unwrapping the lovely gifts. Tissue paper, tape, bubble wrap, its all a new and exciting experience.

Here is a video of Zoe watching Mommy blow out the candle on her first Birthday cake.

Enjoy -
Karen and Andy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Steps
It has been an exciting few days at our house. Our 11 and a half month old daughter has begun taking her first steps.

Sunday she travel quiet a distance across the family room while pushing her toy walker. It was simply awsome to watch her. Andy pushed the walker over to her while she was standing. Once she had good grasp of the handle she just started moving her feet. One foot after the other, as though she had done it a million times before. To make it an even more exciting moment, we actually got it on video!! As you can see it was also one of the first times she seemed mesmerized by the T.V.

Monday she pulled herself up onto her tippy toes twice while trying to see what was going on at the kitchen table while Karen was scrapbooking.

Then today, Tuesady, she took a few steps without holding onto anything. Mind you these steps were an ill fated effort to stop herself from falling, and if I hadn't been right there (or if I had blinked) I would have missed then. Nonetheless, I think we can say there is no stopping her now.

Go Team Two Feet!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween as Parents

This was the first Halloween that Andy and I celebrated as parents. It was really fun to dress up an 11 month old and take her out to see other happy people dressed in ways she had never see before. I always enjoy watching her absorb and react to new experiences.

At the mall we saw every kind of super hero, witch, animal and gorry creature you can imagine. It was jam packed with parents and young kids. Almost every store was giving candy out. We helped Zoe collected quiet a variety of treats, she would accept the treats we would put them into her bag. Although I am quiet sure she isn't yet aware of the deliciousness contained in those small gifts, she did seem to like the colourful, shiny, crinkly wrappers. She quickly figured out the pattern of us taking them from her and would try to hide them from us. We are still smarted than her however!!! Next we had dinner at the food court and headed out to do a small bit of traditional Trick or Treating.

We dropped by our friends Debby and Jim where Zoe got treated to fresh apples and cheese, and Aunty Jean and Uncle Bill where Zoe was lucky enough to be served Mum-Mums. I think she loved the treats she could eat as much as she loves being the centre of attention.

As often seems to happen when we take her to places a little out of the ordinary she expanded her abilities by cruising along the coffee table many more steps than we have seen her do yet!

We finished off the night with a brief stop next door before spending some time handing out candy at our place. All in all a wonderful first Larson Family Halloween.

Hope you enjoy the video of Zoe laughing, crawling, climbing, and roaring - baby version.