Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Steps
It has been an exciting few days at our house. Our 11 and a half month old daughter has begun taking her first steps.

Sunday she travel quiet a distance across the family room while pushing her toy walker. It was simply awsome to watch her. Andy pushed the walker over to her while she was standing. Once she had good grasp of the handle she just started moving her feet. One foot after the other, as though she had done it a million times before. To make it an even more exciting moment, we actually got it on video!! As you can see it was also one of the first times she seemed mesmerized by the T.V.

Monday she pulled herself up onto her tippy toes twice while trying to see what was going on at the kitchen table while Karen was scrapbooking.

Then today, Tuesady, she took a few steps without holding onto anything. Mind you these steps were an ill fated effort to stop herself from falling, and if I hadn't been right there (or if I had blinked) I would have missed then. Nonetheless, I think we can say there is no stopping her now.

Go Team Two Feet!